About Me 

Barbara Forte Abate is a native of Millbrook, New York, the middle of five children. After graduating from Millbrook High School, she married young and promptly launched into the ever-changing landscape of family life, in short order becoming the mother of four very fabulous children, and earning a doctorate from the University of Real Life along the way.
From New York to several adventurous hop-about years in New Jersey, she has lived with her rambling family in a wonderful creaky old house in Chester County, PA, long enough to call it home (all of which goes to prove, time flies when you're writing books).


Unexplainably charmed by the grand adventure of old house renovations in the throes of raising her children, writerly dreams held steady. Quietly composing her stories on yellow legal pads while babies napped and supper simmered  [and sometimes burned] on the stove; the pages miraculouly piled until the day at last arrived when she needed to borrow a  typewriter so she could transfer her clandestine scribbles onto pretty white pages.

While that particular milestone transpired in what now seems to be A Galaxy Far Away, [and the aforementioned first novel long since fallen off into a place of whereabouts unknown], there have been other books tumbled out from her head to line the shelves. Barbara's debut novel, "The Secret of Lies" was released in June, 2010, followed by Asleep Without Dreaming, and the newly arrived Painted From Memories.